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A/N: Hey readers! This is a fanfiction based on this show I really like called Once Upon A Time, OUAT for short, and I hope you enjoy it. This is only the prologue and I'll try to upload as often as I can. 

Erinor Whitley had never been anything special. She was born to George and Elena Whitley, but her mother died when Erinor was only eight. Erinor, preferably called Erin, also had a one year older brother named Darius, who took care of the house, a small brown cottage-like place, as their father was always out in the villages for work. She was a young girl with shoulder-length light brown hair and eyes that were a bright blue of a color. Ever since the passing of her mother Erin became rather fond of potions especially those that could heal and developed a strong passion for reading and books. She attempted to teach herself in potion making, but rarely came with good results. She always remained fascinated by the forest near her family's cottage, only she'd never dared venture inside it as rumors were spreading that it was haunted. Now that Erin had just turned sixteen she decided on sneaking out to check out the forest. She had a light-colored cloak over her clothes, which contained a small sketchbook in case something caught her attention. The recently turned sixteen-year-old came across a barely visible trail where a pine tree stood, several leaves scattered about on the ground. She stopped momentarily to see a purplish-black flower, sketching it quickly in her book. The wind gave a low hum as it blew against the trees and Erin pulled her cloak tigher, shivering. She passed a group of pine trees that extended further down, suddenly pausing. The blue-eyed teenager glanced around, letting out a frustrated groan in annoyance as she realized the place was starting to feel unfamiliar. She scowled, seeing that the path had seemingly disappeared, and tried to find her way back. "No, no, I can't be lost," Erin muttered to herself. 
"Are you lost, my dear?" A readily high-pitched voice called out. Erin jumped back in alarm, raising a long wooden stick left on the ground. "Who-Who goes there?" She spoke. The girl gave a startled noise as a man--wait, creature...?-- appeared before her, a chilling smile gracing his expression. The man had strange greenish-golden skin with bright amber-like eyes, wearing a set of bizarre clearing. "Wha- I mean, who are you?" Erin asked, desperately hoping she hadn't said anything to set him off. "Rumplestiltskin~" The man grinned and gave her a mock bow. "Have you gotten yourself lost?" He asked. "N-No," Erin stammered. "Really? Are you sure? I was hoping I could make a deal with you," Rumplestiltskin sighed. 
"What kind of deal?" Erin asked, her curiosity drawn by what he could possibly have to offer.

Rumplestiltskin grinned. 

To Be Continued...
Light in the Dark Prologue
I hope you enjoy my fanfic. I'll be uploading the first chapter possibly tomorrow or next weekend. 
"Are you sure that this is such a good idea?" Sierra, a woman of twenty-two, asked her older sister Katelyn, a woman of twenty-six. "I mean, honestly, is it really a good idea to go the Dark One for help? The Dark One?" Katelyn stopped in front of a wrought-iron gate, a grimace on her face. She didn't open it, pondering her younger sister's concern. "I don't like this idea much, Sierra, but it might be our only way and chance of saving Xavier. He is after all beinf held by Regina, the Evil Queen herself! We have no other choice!" Sierra only sighed, "...very well. I just hope that the price he asks won't be too severe." The two sisters opened the gate, stepping to the front door of a high and sprawling castle. "Are you sure you still want to do this, Katelyn?" Sierra asked. "...It's our only hope..." Katelyn answered sadly. With that ominous statement, Katelyn and Sierra Halfast enter the castle of...Rumplestiltskin. 
The cell is not comfortable for it had misery and interrogation in mind when it was first designed. All around the cell there is a feeling of despair and torture. The current resident of it is a young man, who is only twenty years of age, just out of boyhood. He has wiry brownish-blackish hair, prominent cheekbones, and startling silver eyes. In those eyes one can see a hidden and ancient wisdom waiting to be shared with the right people or one. He might've been considered handsome if it wasn't for the evidence of starvation, mental and physical abuse that he'd had to suffer with. "L-Let m-me go Re-Regina!" The man stammered weakly from within the darkness of the cell. "Oh, I will," Regina, the Evil Queen, smirked darkly. "Once you tell me where your sisters are and you join me." The man limped up to the bars, spitting into her face. Regina snarled and lifted him up by the throat. "My, my, Xavier. Aren't you the brave one?" She taunted. Xavier sputtered in between fits of coughing. "Let go of me, you witch!" Regina shrugged and with seemingly unnatural strength threw him against the walls of the cage. "But I'm afraid that your bravery won't persuade me to let you live." Regina hissed. "I'll NEVER join you Regina!" Xavier groaned defiantly. Regina stared then smirked, "We'll see about that, Xavier. We'll see." 
Inside Rumplestiltskin's castle, Katelyn and Sierra walked up to another set of large doors. "He should be in there." Katelyn whispered to her sister as calmly as possible. Suddenly without so much as a warning, the door creaked open, and inside on the spinning wheel was Rumplestiltskin. "Come in, dearies!" He giggled in what would be considered a maniacal way. "Um, he-hello," Katelyn said nervously as she gingerly walked towards Rumplestiltskin. "Why have you lovely ladies come to see me?" Rumple asked, striding towards them. "We need help." Sierra stepped forward and stopped to the right of her sister. "We need help rescuing our brother Xavier from the clutches of Regina," she explained. Rumple gave the siblings a long penetrating look. "Do you now...?" The siblings nodded sadly. "Will you please help us? We'll pay whatever the price may be!" Sierra asked, desperation evident in her voice. Rumple, hearing how desperate Sierra was, sighed and said, "Very well, dearie! But just remember: All magic comes with a price! And the price is...quite steep! Do we have a deal?" Katelyn and Sierra nodded. "Good!" Rumple giggled. The two siblings teleported to Regina's castle and to their complete surprise saw Regina holding Xavier in front of her with a dagger at his throat. 
"Let him go!" Sierra snarled at Regina. Xavier tried to break free from the queen's hold, but she pulled him closer. "And if I don't?" Regina smirked. "Then we will kill you!" Katelyn spat and threw a fireball at Regina's shoes. The queen hissed, jumping back, cutting Xavier on the arm with her dagger. Sierra took the chance to swing at Regina with her sword, but before she can swing the queen had plunged the dagger into the younger's chest. Sierra groaned, collapsing to the ground. 
"SIERRA!" Xavier shouted, running up to his sister. Before he can reach her, Regina yanked him back and ripped out his heart. Xavier groaned and fell to the ground in pain. "Let. Him. Go!" Katelyn sobbed. "It's your choice, Xavier. Become my apprentice...or Sierra dies." Regina snarled. 
"Xavier, pl-please...don't!" Sierra groaned. "Little brother..." Katelyn begged helplessly. Xavier stood there, unsure of what to do. The sane part of him whispered, 'She'll die, yes, but my sister wouldn't want me to become a pawn of Regina's.' Another side screamed out 'Yes, but think of all the power you would gain.' After a long while Xavier replied, "I'm sorry, b-but i-it's the only way she'll l-let you l-live." Katelyn ran up to her brother, pleading, "Little brother, please don't do this!" Regina smirked, "Well...? What's your choice?" Xavier shakily got down on one knee and said, "I-I will join you, my lady. Just please don't kill Sierra!" He begged. Regina then laughed, "Oh, I won't kill her. I'll destroy her!" She walked over to where Sierra lay on the ground and ripped out her heart, presenting it to everyone. "Re-Regina, pl-please don't! I already joined you! Pl-Please let her live!" Xavier begged. Regina only smirked, slowly starting to squeeze Sierra's heart. Sierra screamed in sheer pain until her heart was nothing more than black dust. "NO!" Xavier and Katelyn howled at the same time, running up to their sister's limp form. "Si-Sierra!" Xavier sobbed over her body. "I-I'm sorry!" Katelyn cried. "She's dead, and I have your brother's precious heart. So unless you wish to die as well get out of my sight!" Regina laughed sadistically. "Yo-You tricked me!" Xavier snarled in between fits of sobbing. "I did say that you'd be in my service either way. I just wanted to give you a chance to join me willingly." Regina answered in a gleeful tone. With Xavier still on the ground next to his sister, sobbing, Regina teleported them both away to places unknown and left Katelyn. 
Katelyn sat next to Sierra's limp form, not saying anything. She didn't seem to notice nor care when Rumplestiltskin appeared next to her. "She's dead I take it?" Rumple asked in a quiet, serious tone. Katelyn only nodded in acknowledgement. "I did warn you dearie that magic comes with a price." Katelyn finally looked into Rumple's eyes and said in a hollow voice, "Why? Why did THAT- THIS have to be the price to keep my brother alive?" "You did manage to save your brother, but since Sierra was willing to pay the exorbitantly steep price it ended up with her dead." Rumple answered in a slow, careful, and measure voice. "G-Go away!" Katelyn snapped in a deadpan tone. Rumple sighed, disappearing in a cloud of smoke. "Don't worry, sister, your sacrifice won't have been in vain. I will find our brother and rescue him!" Katelyn vowed. 
Three Years Later...
"My lady, you've summoned me?" Xavier walked into Regina's private chambers, bowing on one knee before her. "Yes, Xavier, I have. I have an assignment for you." Xavier looked up and dared to ask, "And wh-what would that be, my lady?" The queen smirked, answering, "There is a girl, who has this destiny, to kill me. Find her and destroy her, my apprentice." Xavier hesitated then spoke, "It shall be done, my lady. Wh-What's her name?" Regina looked at her apprentice before replying. 
"Erinor Whitley." 
The Agony of Choice
This is the prequel to something a friend of mine, who doesn't have a deviantart account, and I did. The story is titled 'Light in the Dark.' 


Artist | Student | Other
United States
I love dogs and cats. My art will mostly be mlp. Harry Potter, NCIS, and maybe other. I will not reveal any personal information apart from my personal nickname. I like my little pony so I might post mlp crossovers.


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